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Frequently Asked Questions

How much freezer room will I need?

A stand-alone freezer is recommended. We suggest at least: 

  • 15-21 cu ft. for whole beef
  • 10-12 cu ft for a side of beef (half)
  • 5-6 cu ft for a quarter share

How does Ready Reserve work?

We make it simple: You are putting down a deposit to reserve your Beef Share at $8 per pound for Quarter and Half Shares, and $7.50 per pound for Whole Shares. The Ready date you select is the date (+/- 3 days) your order is ready to go into your freezer.

Here's what the Ready Reserve process looks like:

  1. Reserve your share and pay your deposit. By reserving your Ready Date and size, you are guaranteed your share for that date. It’s that simple! We do require a deposit up front to reserve a beef share — nonrefundable. The deposit is applied towards the total amount.
  2. Receive an email confirmation. Once your deposit is received, we will email you a receipt with confirmation of your Ready Date and share size.
  3. Watch for your final invoice and cut sheet. On Harvest Day (2-3 weeks prior to the Ready Date), we’ll email you an invoice with the final payment due. If you ordered a Half or Whole Share, we'll also send you some homework: your cut selection sheet for the butcher. Not to worry, we know our beef and will help you choose the right cuts to maximize your yield.
  4. Pay your invoice and turn in your cut sheet. The Cut Sheet is due 7 days prior to your Ready date. Final payment must be received before the order sheet is due.
  5. Watch for a phone call or email from us: Once final payment is received, we will coordinate your pickup or delivery with you, and you will receive your Whole Beef Share within 14 days of your Ready date.

What do you mean by Harvest and Ready dates?

The Harvest Date is the date your share is planned to go to the processor. On this date, we'll know how much your share will weigh and send you your final invoice total and your cut sheet (for half and whole shares only).

Your chosen Ready Date (+/- 3 days or so) is the date your share is ready to go into your freezer. Please reserve your share at least 7 days before the Ready date.

Our expected Harvest and Ready dates for 2024:

Harvest Date Estimated Ready Date
2/23 3/12
4/2 4/19
5/8 5/24
5/22 6/10
10/8 10/25
10/23 11/11
11/13 12/2
12/4 12/20

What if I cannot pick up my beef on the Ready Date?

Not a problem, just let us know! We can hold your beef order for up to 14 days. Storage beyond that is just pure torture for us, so we might start grilling your steaks without you!

I don’t have a credit card, but I still want to order. How can I?

Contact us let us know what you would like and when. We will work with you on the best options to secure your order date and size.

Your date will be put on hold for 10 days while we work out the payment details.

We cancel all orders on hold if deposits are not received within 10 days of placing your order.

My Ready Reserve beef order is on hold. What does that mean?

The hold status means that your ready date and beef size is temporarily suspended. Please check back periodically or contact us and we will check the status.

Cut options – what does that mean?

We will send you a cut sheet on your Harvest Date, which is 2-3 weeks before your Ready Date. This is the sheet we hand off to the butcher so he knows how to cut and package your beef. Not to worry, we know our beef and will help you choose the right cuts to maximize your yield.

This drawing will give you an idea of the available cuts and where they are located on the animal:


If I order a beef quarter, do I get the front or the back?

Since we do not customize cutting orders by the quarter, we do what’s called a mixed quarter. We equally divide all parts of the finished beef so that you get cuts of beef from both the front and back of the steer.

What about the organs, can I order them?

If you’re interested in purchasing a whole beef and receiving the heart, liver, tail or tongue, canoe cut marrow bones or bones, just let us know. These items do come at an additional cost and we will need to know when you are reserving so we can plan for it prior to the actual harvest date of your animal.

Please note that these items are only available when purchasing a whole beef.

Do you offer any special discounts?

Yes, we do!

  • Get $100 off on your first READY RESERVE order — please leave a note at checkout or contact us after placing your order, and we will apply the discount to your final total.

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