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Our Texas Family Farm

We are the fourth and fifth generations of Farmers and Ranchers that make up the Stanley Family. Since WW Stanley’s arrival here in 1879, this farm has been continuously owned and operated by the Stanley family.

It is truly a beautiful place. Close to 400 acres of rolling hills with pasture on their tops and timber in the valleys, along with five separate springs that not only feed into 2 large ponds but also provide abundant clean water for our cattle to drink.

Before 1933, when the Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA) was passed, our family raised cattle to feed themselves, their neighbors in need and sold what they could to pay our fair share to Uncle Sam.  But not too soon after its passing, government officials showed up with rifles in hand and slaughtered all the cattle on the ranch even burning the carcasses on site, as none of the beef was allowed to be saved, not even for personal consumption. Without the cattle, men went off to fight wars, women stayed home and waited for their letters and cattle was not seen again on the ranch until the early 60's. when, like most small ranches, my grandfather and dad brought cattle back as an investment, call it "money on the hoof."   They bought what they could afford at auction and then just bred and sold, bred and sold. Calves sold at auction paid the tax man and what bills they had to keep the farm solvent.      

Fast-forward 50 years, a new generation of Stanleys' and a shift in energy for the farm.  It started with changing the purpose for raising cattle; raising quality cattle for beef, not auction. Out with the old, in with 14 new heifers and to have a serious impact on the quality of our beef, we had to bring in some serious talent… from the bullpens!  The rest is, shall I say... History.  

Our Brangus bull Miles

Sir Miles… our champion purebred Hereford and Darth Vader (now retired) was our purebred Brangus connection. He has since been replaced with a new Brangus bull, Sir Walter. His pedigree is famous for large frame beef. Between Miles and Walter, the resulting calves from the last 3 years have been astounding. This process has bent more than a few gates on the farm, and we are very happy and proud to share this victory with you as well. This beef is the "real deal". Born here, raised here, under our own watchful eyes. Produced with gentle care.

Enjoy the best. God bless.

Meet the Farm Family

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  • Robert “Pat” Stanley
    Robert “Pat” Stanley
    Founder & Ranch FLP member
  • Angela Stanley
    Angela Stanley
    Marketing, Sales, Wife & Cow Whisperer

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