Fresh Beef pasture Raised, Center TX
Need it now? Freezer Ready options available and ON SALE!
Freezer Ready Half Beef

Freezer Ready Half Beef

Packed & Ready For Your Freezer!

On Sale! 20% discount! Priced to MOOooooove!

Save $1.60 /lb.
$6.40 /lb.
$8.00 /lb.
Avg. 274 lb.

Our Half Beef weighs between 250-300lbs, meaning at $7.00/lb the approximate total cost will be $1,550 - 2,100.

We do what’s called a mixed quarter or mixed half. We equally divide all parts of the beef so that you get cuts from the front and back of the steer. Cuts in a Half Beef break down to about 30% roasts, 30% steaks and 40% ground. 


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