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Need it now? Freezer Ready options available and ON SALE!
Home Freezer Bundle

Home Freezer Bundle

Packed & Ready for your Freezer! Affordable, Delicious, Tender, Lean Beef.

WOW, that comes to only $6.85 per LB for this Freezer Bundle!   

The selection of beef cuts you get are so versatile not to mention, healthier, leaner and tastier than that "unknown-sourced" beef you're buying at the grocery-store.  

55 avg. wt. / Box

Each box includes:

12 Premium Steaks (a selection of Rib-eye, T-Bone, Filet, NY Strip or Sirloin (cap-off)).

1 Flank or Skirt steak.

4 Roasts (a selection of Arm, chuck, Rump or Sirloin Tip)

1 Brisket

2 packages of Beef Short Ribs

20 lbs. Premium Ground (2 lb. packages)

We Know our Beef and you should too!    We believe that everyone has a right to know where their beef is sourced from and be able to afford it. 

You deserve the best Bent Gate has to offer, delicious, tender, lean beef, better for you and your family.

Our beef is 100% Pasture Raised, Grass-Fed and Grass-finished.  We do not use antibiotics, growth hormones, GMOs or chemical pesticides on our cattle or on our pastures.   We do not cross breed with sale barn cattle, and we do not subscribe to feed lot confinement and feeding practices.  Our cattle are calm and docile, often spoiled by our Cow Whisperer; they live their best life enjoying spring-fed water, foraging on nutrient dense pastures, and the occasional organic treats we bring them- Fruits and Veggies from our family garden(s).



100% Pasture raised, Grass-Fed Grass-Finished Beef.
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