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READY RESERVE Whole Beef - October 25 Ready Date

READY RESERVE Whole Beef - October 25 Ready Date

$500 Non-refundable Deposit

We make it simple: You are Reserving your READY Beef Futures at $7.50 per pound. The READY DATE you select is the date (+/- 3 days) YOUR ORDER IS READY TO GO INTO YOUR FREEZER. 

No middleman, hand-offs to a processor and no hidden fees or extra expense.   

Please plan to pick up or receive a delivery 3-5 days after the Ready Date.

Our beef is Hereford and Brangus cross, born and raised here on our farm. there is no cross breeding with sale barn cattle and we do not subscribe to feed lot or force feeding to "fatten" them up.  

You are getting USDA inspected pasture raised beef, living the good life and feeding only on forage grown on the farm.  We know our BEEF!  

Our Beef is better for you, its leaner and very flavorful.

Please plan to pick up your whole beef share or receive a delivery within 14 days of the Ready Date.

What's in a Whole Beef:

Our Whole Beef weighs between 500-600lbs, meaning at $7.50/lb. the approximate total cost will be $3,750 - 4,500 (minus your deposit).

Cuts in a Whole Beef break down to about 30% roasts, 30% steaks and 40% ground. We use a predetermined cut sheet and will work with you on selections based on our experience in order to get the best cuts and value overall. Specialty options are available for additional fees.

How It Works:

  1. Reserve Your Share and Pay Your Deposit. By reserving your Ready Date and size you are guaranteed your share for that date. It’s that simple! We do require a $500 deposit up front to reserve a whole beef share - nonrefundable. The deposit is applied towards the total amount.
  2. Receive Email Confirmation. Once your deposit is received, we will email you a receipt with confirmation of your Ready Date and share size.
  3. Watch for Your Final Invoice and Cut Sheet. On harvest day (2-3 weeks prior to the Ready Date), we’ll email you with the hanging weight and invoice with the final payment due along with a little homework: your cut selection sheet for the butcher. Not to worry, we know our beef and will help you choose the right cuts to maximize your yield.
  4. Pay Your Invoice and Turn in Your Cut Sheet. The Cut Sheet is due 7 days prior to your Ready date. 
  5.  **Final payment must be received before the order sheet is due. **

  6. Watch for a Phone Call or Email from Us: Once final payment is received, we will coordinate your pick-up or Delivery with you, and you will receive your Whole Beef Share within 3-5 days of your Ready Date.

Please visit our FAQ for more information.

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