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Breakfast is a thankless job…

written by

Angela Stanley

posted on

February 11, 2024


Can’t help but smile looking at all these butts especially after 36 hrs of non-stop rain and thunderstorms. They are all here and safe and ready for something dry to eat!

We definitely needed the rain, but for the cows, their sustenance gets wet and can start to rot quickly which tastes bad and they get tummy aches. So early this morning, in between showers we delivered 2 rolls of fresh, dry, nutrient packed forage grown right here at the ranch; and, they wasted no time diving in. 

Their gratitude?  Butts in the air, heads in the hay!

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In the middle of all the thunderstorms last night, Spotzy blessed us with her 4th calf in 4 years. This was a total surprise when we came out to check the herd this morning.

Final Cut

All this beautiful green grass makes me want to put on a lederhosen and sing! This is the last of our hay cultivation to stock our barns for the winter months when our cows don’t have enough natural growing forage to nibble on...

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