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written by

Angela Stanley

posted on

February 10, 2024


In the middle of all the thunderstorms last night, Spotzy blessed us with her 4th calf in 4 years. This was a total surprise when we came out to check the herd this morning. 

Spotzy is special. She is a Hereford-Brangus mix born here on the ranch. She had up until last week resided in a separate “mature” herd. She now lives with Miles and the Herford gang so we were especially careful to monitor her integration and make sure there was no trouble. She is after all Spotzy. 

Last February when we purchased Walter our Brangus bull, we assumed she was pregnant from Darth, the previous bull and would probably give birth the same time she usually does between 10/25-11/5. It’s also the same time a year my husband and I try to take a vacation and knowing we’re leaving I swear she crosses her legs until we are 2 plane connections away. And yes, she’s done this the last 3 years! 

October and then November came and went.. Still no calf. Well maybe with the changing of the Bulls, they missed her. No worries, we’ll move her in February if she hasn’t calved by then. Fast forward to today... Feb 10th, 2024 and TADAHH!!! Calf number 4! A beautiful baldy heifer. Looks like Walter did not waste time! 

Congratulations Spotzy!

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